该商品含对人体有益的维生素及天然营养成份, 提供不同有机植物中提取的维生素以及天然香味。

    每一款VitaStik®都不含尼古丁和焦油及其他对人体有害物质 。 最人性化的设计让您方便,卫生的使用。

    How do you define "harm-free"??

    There have been a lot of studies around the so-called “popcorn lung disease”. First of all, the chemical that causes “popcorn lung disease” is called Diacetyl and is NOT present in any of our products!

    The VitaStik only contains a liquid that consists solely of distilled water and natural aromas infused with vitamins.

    This liquid is vapourised by a small 3 Volt battery which heats the liquid to around 50° C, ensuring that nothing gets burned and no vitamins are destroyed. Although the amount of vitamins is small (we do not recommend using VitaStik as a vitamin supplement), it has been proven that the body absorbs these via the mucose membrane in the mouth. The noticeable substances are organic glycol and propylenglycol. Both substances are known to bind moisture and help creating vapour that is very similar to fog machines,but in a highly reduced concentration. We only use food-grade Propylenglycol (instead of cheaper industrial Propylenglycol), these are also used by the cosmetic and food industry and haven’t been found to have any negative effects on the human body. All substances in the VitaStik are authorised and approved by the German government and as such are completely TÜV and ISO certified.


    VitaStik®是一款一次性产品,您可反复使用高达500次 (相当于3盒普通烟量)。享用500次后,停止使用。



    I am pregnant and a smoker. Are VitaStiks a healthier alternative??

    We have done little research on this topic, but even though you would not consume any harmful substances we recommend to avoid any kind of smoking during pregnancy or the breastfeeding period.

    What makes the VitaStik so special??

    What makes the VitaStik so unique? The VitaStik is the only vapourizer with vitamins and unique natural flavours. Furthermore, it stands out with its appealing, fashionable and clean design and is the perfect alternative for both smokers and non-smokers. One reason our customers love the VitaStik is because it allows them to be part of the smoking community as well as also combining it with a healthy and responsible lifestyle.

    What do I do if my VitaStik is faulty??

    In the rare circumstance that your VitaStik is faulty, please go to the “return policy” page in the footer and follow the instructions. We will replace your faulty VitaStik free of charge.

    My shipment hasen't arrived or is stuck. What do I do??

    My package didn’t arrive, what should I do next? – The VitaStiks are probably on their way already, but sometimes the postal service is not as reliable as we are. Just send an E-Mail to “” and our lovely customer support team will be happy to help.

    I am a retailer and would like to sell VitaStiks, how can I contact you??

    We are happy to provide you with stock and help to become an authorised reseller. Just send an E-Mail with your enquiry to “